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Search Console Insights- New webmaster tool

Last modified on June 15, 2021

Creating a website is not just enough; you need to write content regularly. If you are expert in writing content that is useful for your readers. You are going to grow a big audience base that regularly visits your website in a very short span of time. Just keep writing appealing contents and you will find enough traffic for your site. It will meet all your goals such as a popular monetized blog, growing brand value of your online business or anything else.

To help webmaster better understand the popularity of their articles among audiences. Google introduced a new experience as a webmaster tool Search console insights. This tool will join data from both search console as well as Google Analytics with sole objective of measuring content’s performance. It helps all web content creators, blogger, webmaster or a website owner. Currently the new experience, Search console Insights is in beta version.

Search Console Insights: New webmaster tool

The new experience provides these following data:

  1. All time page views
  2. Site overview in past 28 days, this includes,
  3. New contents from the 28 days
  4. Some of the most popular content of the website
  5. Top traffic channels to your website.
  6. Google search performance that is the keyword which leads audiences to your website contents.
  7. Referring back links from other websites.
  8. Social media engagement of your site.

This is a great deal for website owners and webmaster as they are getting more and more data in one place. It will save lots of time and effort to understand how their content performs. It will also help us to understand which of the content lacks performance so that necessary change can be brought in time.

Please note that for now, Search Console Insights only supports Google Analytics Universal Analytics properties (their ID starts with a "UA-"). Support for Google Analytics -4 will be introduced soon.

Published on June 15, 2021


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