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10 most important to do list before publishing a webpage

10 most important to do list before publishing a webpage

Last modified on Oct 24, 2020

Want to publish a webpage but worried about search engine optimization.

Do not worry here is the solution. Check this to-do list before you publish a page and be free from all seo errors.

1. Content is the foremost thing in any web page so, make sure that it is unique. Do not publish duplicate content. Google does not index duplicate contents. Check for errors like spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in the content, Google does not rank those pages.
2. Be sure that your webpage is mobile friendly. With the daily number of mobile users are increasing in comparison with desktop users, it is very much necessary that your website should be friendly to mobile users. Your site will never receive expected traffic if it is not mobile-friendly. Google provides a free tool to check for mobile usability. Try this tool before publishing your page.
3. Page title should not exceed 70 characters. Search engines skip anything beyond that limit. So make your page title is appealing, compact and effective.
4. Page description length should not exceed 170 characters, try to keep it in between 155 and 170. Do not use keyword stuffing here, it should look genuine to Google.
5. Don’t use keyword stuffing in meta keywords tag, it is pointless to do so. You may omit this tag also. Google doesn’t use it anymore to rank your page.
6. Use https for all the url within your site. http links are not safe and Google doesn’t prefer them. So you must use https. Make sure all your pages are automatically redirected to https when you type http in the browser address bar.
7. If your site has duplicate web pages don’t forget to use canonical tags. Canonical tags, a way of telling Google that among the various duplicate page which page is preferred and should be indexed by Google. If you run an e-commerce website, sometimes you need duplicated pages in that case you must use link rel=”canonical” tag.
8. The open graph meta tags are important, don’t forget to add them. If you don’t have such og:graph tags, title, url, image, and description about your page will not appear in social networking, when someone shares your page in facebook.
9. You must use twitter title, image, url, description and Twitter cards. This additional meta-information makes your site look good when someone tweets your website pages.
10. Add structured data in your website pages. Though it is not important, it helps search engines to generate rich results for your webpages. Rich results do not enhance page rank but it will definitely increase traffic for your website.