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Excel in content writing: Key to rank in search engine results

Excel in content writing: Key to rank in search engine results

Last modified on Oct 26, 2020
If you have tried all tested and proven ways to increase traffic to your website but still, your website does not drive enough traffic, then this article is for you. This will help bloggers to write quality content for their website.

Why quality content so important?

Because, if you have applied all necessary tips and tricks for better optimization of your website in search engines right, then only thing in which you are lagging behind is good quality unique content.

The key to rank in Google is how good and appealing content you generate for your webpages. And, to generate good content you need to excel in content writing. A webpage with top rank in search engines and a huge amount of traffic is actually 33% designing, 33% SEO and the rest is content writing. So, without good and easy to understand the content you can never rank in search engines and drive more traffic towards your website.

It is the site content which ties visitors to a website. Without a good content your website bounce rate will be high and session will be low. If you want bounce rate to be low and session duration to be high, focus more on quality and distinctive content.

So, how to improve your content writing quality for websites?
1. . Make a habit of reading because you are a writer as good as a reader you are. You can not have good writing skills if you do not have reading habits. Always remember, a good writer is always a good reader first.
2. Make thorough research on the topic you want to write content. It helps you make a stronger grip in your field of interest.
3. A strong vocabulary is the foundation stone of quality content. Again, you can achieve this only if you invest time in reading.
4. Practice makes a man perfect. You can not excel in content writing in just a single day. But, if you keep practicing keeping in mind the above points you will certainly feel the change in one month only.

Also, read this.

When you start writing good content, keep these points in mind.
1. Write short sentences as much as you can. It makes the document more readable.
2. Do not write long paragraphs, it makes reading hard for your visitors. Your visitor will be tired soon to read the full article.
3. Do not use the full-screen width for writing, use 50% or 60% of the screen width to write your content. It's better if you divide it into two columns and add an image to one column and write content in the second column. Image speaks, so it makes your document more readable.
4. Keep enough space in between lines, 130%-150% line spacing is makes the document more readable and it is also considered good practice.
5.Make use of header tags from h1 to h6. These tags are really useful especially h1 to h3.
So, basically what we see content writing and seo go parallel. It is almost impossible to rank in search engines higher without proper, unique and distinctive content no matter how hard you try on technical seo and backlinks.