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How to send bulk sms using Textlocal

Last modified on March 8, 2021
How to send bulk sms using Textlocal
Register and login with Textlocal to send bulk transactional and promotional sms. Before sending messages, every message or sms template id should be registered with the DLT platform. Lets see how can we send bulk sms to customers for different business purposes. Registering with Textlocal is easy, you can easily open an account and send bulk sms. Any message generally falls in the transactional, promotional, service implicit or service explicit. Choose under which category your message falls and select one.

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Follow these steps to send sms using Textlocal

Step 1:

Now, if you want to integrate textlocal API in php for your website. You need to generate API keys. API key generation is easy, you can easily create by going into Settings -> Api Keys -> Create New Key. If you do not intend to integrate api in your website or based upon your business nature you do not require to do so, you can skip the above step.

Step 2:

Choose a plan and pay for the plan. Remember Textlocal service are not free. But you will get 10 free sms for testing purposes. In the dashboard click on send and then go to Templates and Drafts.

creating message template in textlocal
Step 3:

In this section you find a button Request New Template. Before you request a new template, you should have a template ID registered with DLT platform. DLT registration is mandatory, you can not proceed with creating new template in textlocal if you have not created template id in the DLT platform.

Step 4:

Choose a category for the message. A message category can be transactional, Service implicit, service explicit or prmotional. If you have chosen a template id to be of certain category in the DLT platform make sure you choose the same message category in Textlocal also.

Syep 5:

Choose a sender name but first you need to create one in the DLT platform and assign it to a template id. Then only the created sender names will appear here.

Step 6:

Last create the message body. Your message body should also exactly match as you have created in the DLT platform. Keep in mind three things, to create a message template in Textlocal make sure you have already created a template id, message body and sender name. After you are done with these things copy these three created values from the DLT platform into Textlocal New Message template form and hit Request New template.

Step 7:

Go to Contacts, create few contacts to send sms. You can also create group and add as many contacts as you wish and can send bulk sms. Its up to you whether you want to use the web interface of Textlocal to send sms or integrate Textlocal API in your website.

Step 8:

Go to Send then click on Send Text Messages. In the left pan choose conatcts to which you want to send messages. In the right pan choose sender name, templates, language and hit Send Message.

send message using textlocal

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Published on March 8, 2021